Watipa is governed by a Board of Trustees, that includes an international group of highly qualified professionals in a variety of fields. We are committed to meaningful participation by young people in the governance of Watipa, and one quarter of the Board of Trustees are under the age of 27 years old.

Meet the Board of Trustees

  • Allen Kyendikuwa, Uganda. Program Manager at the Uganda Youth Coalition on Adolescent SRHR and HIV/AIDS (CYRSA).
  • Amos Zingiri Mwamlamba, Kenya. Watipa scholar 2016.
  • Gemma Salteri, Australia. Chief Executive Office, the CAGES Foundation
  • Karin Alexander, South Africa. Consultant and co-founder of Watipa.
  • Lucy Clarke, UK. Manager – CB Risk, Data, Systems & Operations, in the Ring Fencing & Resolution Programme, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.
  • Lucy Stackpool-Moore (chair), UK. Director and Founder of Watipa, co-founder of Mwatipasa.
  • Matthew Weait, UK. Dean of the School of Humanities, University of Portsmouth.
  • Maureen Leah Chirwa, Malawi. Managing Director Prime Health and Consulting Services, co-founder of Watipa and founder of Mwatipasa.
  • Peter Taylor, Canada. Associate Director for Think Tank Initiatives at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).
  • Prerana Chaudhary, Nepal. Watipa scholar 2016.
  • Sakunthala Mapa, UK. Programme Manager, the International Planned Parenthood Federation.
  • Valerie Delpech (secretary), UK. Consultant Epidemiologist and Head of HIV Surveillance, Public Health England.

Meet the consultants

Our team is unique. Watipa provides a platform that brings together diverse and passionate professionals. In working together, providing inter-disciplinary solutions to development concerns, we are much more than the sum of our parts.

As a team, we proactively engage a range of perspectives and disciplines to inform the quality of advice we give, so that we are better equipped to respond to the dynamics of sustainable development amid the dynamics of day to day life in different contexts around the world. By using participatory approaches to listen to communities, our work meets people where they are. We work together with communities to co-create processes of effective, inclusive and sustainable social change.

Meet the team:


Dr Lucy Stackpool-Moore is Australian and British, and is a gender, human rights, HIV, public health and communications specialist. She founded Watipa in 2016 and is the Director.

kathy snowdon

Dr Catherine Lowndes is a public health specialist with twenty years’ experience in developed and developing countries. Kathy was a consultant epidemiologist at Public Health England until 2015. Kathy is one of the founding members of Watipa.

KA Headshot 2016

Karin Alexander, a Zimbabwean Rhodes Scholar, has over ten years of experience in the governance, human rights and, voice and accountability sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa. Karin is the South African lead for Watipa and one of the founding members.

Mags (3)

Dr Margaret Wazakili is Malawian and is a disability consultant and Director of the MagWaz Physiotherapy and Wellness Services in Lilongwe. Margaret is one of the founding members of Watipa.


Dr Maureen Chirwa is Malawian and is the founder of Prime Health Consulting Services, and is a former lecturer at the College of Medicine (Blantyre, Malawi). Maureen is one of the founding members of Watipa.


Michelle Kent is from New Zealand, and is an environment and sustainability practitioner with an emphasis on community participation in environmental management solutions. Michelle is Watipa’s lead in Australia and one of the founding members.


Sakunthala Mapa is Sri Lankan and British, and is a grant manager specialising in public health issues. Having started her career as a business journalist in Sri Lanka she moved to the public health sector to fulfil her passion to combine business skills and development needs. She leads the scholarship program for Watipa and is one of the founding members.

Taghreed profile picDr Taghreed El Hajj is from Lebanon and is an enthusiastic public health professional/specialist and a proficient qualitative researcher. Taghreed is one of the founding members of Watipa.

Contact us if you are interested in joining the Watipa team.