We offer tailored consultancy services to international Non-Government Organisations, Donors and UN Agencies and the private sector. Our network of professionals and our multi-disciplinary expertise can meet the needs of different clients and a variety of projects. We have standardised rates that can be negotiated to align with the timeframe and priorities of different pieces of work and different clients.

Our services include:

  • Technical advice. Do you need support for a specific project or area of research? We can connect you with a consultant who can provide bespoke advice to you in response to an agreed terms of reference. We have experts in human rights, public health, gender, political economy, governance and democracy, environmental sustainability, health systems, community development, youth services and sexual and reproductive health. The consultant will be from our network of expert associates, the members of Watipa, who are specialists in their field and also draw on the holistic expertise of the Watipa network. You would commission our services for a specific number of days, having agreed deliverables, timeframe and a daily rate. Contact us with your specific area of interest and we will connect you with the right consultant to support your work.
  • Participatory research advice. Are you looking for help in planning a participatory research project or developing a proposal? We can guide you and work collaboratively to develop a proposal, methods and data collection tools for participatory and action research. You would commission some of our time in advance to work together in developing the proposal, and some of our time could be recuperated through the award of a successful grant. Contact us to brainstorm your research ideas.
    • See our research page for further details.
  • Participatory needs assessment and programme monitoring. Do you want to meaningfully engage communities in planning for, monitoring and evaluating your programmes? We offer bespoke process suggestions for community engagement, and can also facilitate staff capacity development within your organisation that will better connect communities with all stages of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating your work. You would commission our services for an agreed set of outcomes and deliverables within a certain timeframe. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we can work with you to design the process.
  • Facilitation and training. Are you looking for skilled facilitators to design, revise or deliver effective training for your staff? We can connect you with a trainer who can deliver tailored sessions for your team in response to an agreed brief. We have experts in training around values clarification for health, legal, policy professionals, the provision of quality health services, data management and analysis, and democracy building to name just a few. Our trainers lead the process, and like to work hand-in-hand with you to develop the content and co-facilitate the sessions.  Contact us to find out more about the training we offer and can develop to respond to your organisational professional development needs.
  • Creative communication solutions. Do you want a new way of capturing the lessons learnt and best practice from the work that you do? We can work with you to develop a communications strategy that includes creative approaches to document your work in visual and verbal ways. We will work with you to strengthen the reach of your brand. Contact us to find our more about the creative documentation services we offer.