What we do

Watipa is a social enterprise working to enable equal societies, just development and equal health for all. Together, through our network of global public health professionals, gender experts, sustainability consultants and locally active citizens, we provide tailored consultancy services to inform and catalyse positive social change. Our profits and 10% of our consultants’ earnings go to support Watipa’s youth scholarship and mentorship programmes across sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our services include:

Facilitation and training. Are you looking for skilled facilitators to design, revise or deliver effective training? We have experts in training around values clarification for health, law and policy; the provision of quality health services; data management and analysis; and democracy building to name just a few. Contact us to find out more about the training we offer.

Participatory needs assessment and programme monitoring. Do you want to meaningfully engage communities in planning for, monitoring and evaluating your programmes? We can work with you to design and implement bespoke community engagement processes and can also facilitate your staff capacity development. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Participatory research advice. Are you looking for help in planning a participatory research project or developing a proposal? We can guide you and work collaboratively to develop a proposal, methods and data collection tools for participatory and action research. Contact us to brainstorm your research ideas.

Strategy evaluations. Do you need to capture the lessons learnt and best practice from the work that you do, but don’t know where to start? We can work with you to develop and execute an evaluation that includes innovative, people-centred approaches to document the results of your work. Contact us to kickstart your evaluation process. 

Technical advice. Do you need support for a specific project or area of research? We have experts in human rights, public health, gender, political economy, governance and democracy, environmental sustainability, health systems, community development, youth services and sexual and reproductive health. Contact us with your specific area of interest and we will connect you with the right consultant(s) to support your work.