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You can donate directly to support our work and our scholarship program. We launched a crowdfunding campaign.

You can also add your support at any time, by clicking on the button below, which has the additional function of setting up a recurring donation (for example every month).


Your support makes a direct impact in supporting young people around the world achieving their dreams and be part of the change they want to see in their own communities. Thank you very much for your generosity.

“Young people are the enablers of tomorrow, for tomorrow starts now! Live to help keep it so.” #Watipa #Hope

Momie Waisi, 2016 Watipa scholar, Malawi (left)

“Helping young people attain their ambitions. Be assertive. Have a purpose in life and believe in oneself.” #Watipa #Hope 

Chanju Mwase, 2016 Watipa scholar, Malawi (right)

Set up a monthly donation to support the education and life ambitions of young people like Momie and Chanju. Help them to be the change they want to see in the world.


100% of the funds we receive go directly to the students.

As a guide, here is an idea of how your generous donation translates to support for a student:

  • £10 = contribution to a scholarship.
  • £20 = living expenses (contribution to food, transport, rent) for one student.
  • £50 = books and materials for one student for one semester.
  • £100 = stipend for living expenses for one student for one semester.
  • £500 = total scholarship (tuition fees) for one student for one semester.
  • £1,000 = total scholarship (tuition fees) for one student to finish secondary school or a year of higher education.
  • £3,000 = total scholarship (tuition fees) for one student for one higher education course.

Set up a regular donation today, to support a young person to achieve their dream.


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