Positive Voices


Positive Voices is a survey of the lives, experiences, and health care needs of people living with HIV in the UK led by Public Health England in collaboration with University College London and Imperial College London. The survey was conducted from January – September 2017, and over 4,400 people living with HIV took part nationally. Watipa is collaborating on the analysis of the survey results.

Results have been presented at the British HIV Association conference in Edinburgh (April 2018), and and the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam (AIDS 2018, July 2018). Positive Voices work has also been published in the World Health Organisation (WHO) good practice compendium in August 2018 (pg. 19).

Read the latest results:

The collaboration also includes a community led project that is a themed analyses and adding depth through stories to the data set provided from the survey. It is a partnership with Positively UK, National AIDS Trust and Watipa. Dissemination of results and further publications forthcoming in 2018.

For further information contact watipa.cic@gmail.com.