Our work

Watipa is a registered Community Interest Company (10226833) and Charitable Incorporated Organisation (1173178) in England and Wales. The Community Interest Company oversees the ethical consultancy services provided in international development, where profits support a scholarship program. The Charitable Incorporate Organisation oversees the scholarship and youth development program.

Our work covers five main areas:

  1. Technical advice and professional consultancy – we provide tailored expert advice in response to specific contracts and gaps identified by partners, drawing from the expertise of members in areas such as health, human rights, education, environmental sustainability, governance and participatory community engagement.
  2. Participatory training and capacity development – we facilitate transformative and bespoke teaching and learning for policy makers, health care workers, teachers, development professionals and other stakeholders.
  3. Relevant research with practical applications – we lead and support research into aspects of community development in areas of our expertise, including health, human rights, education, environmental sustainability, governance and participatory community engagement.
  4. Internships and exchanges – we enable practical experience for young people studying community and international development through internships in our projects and opportunities for an exchange with another young person involved in our projects in another country.
  5. Scholarships – we raise funds and give scholarships to students in developed and developing countries who have achieved a place at a university or institute of higher education to study community development, who have strong personal determination and motivation to contribute to inclusive social change, yet who would not otherwise be able to complete their studies.

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See projects for further details about our clients and portfolio of work. We provide tailored packages of services to meet the needs of different clients, and have standard daily rates that can be negotiated to best align with the time frame and priorities of different pieces of work. Contact us if you are interested in working together.

We are an ethical company and strive to be the change we want to see in the world in both the approach and content of our work.