Newsletter 6 | March 2017


What will you be doing on 8 March?

Women are approximately half of the world’s population (according to the World Bank, 49.55% to be precise). That is a lot of women, almost 3.5 million in face, living very different lives with a variety of personalities in diverse circumstances and daily lives around the world.

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. It’s origins are in the early twentieth century. What will you be doing to celebrate and support women next Wednesday? International Women’s Day is a day to pause, reflect and acknowledge women – in all our diversity – and celebrate women in all the very different contexts and day-to-day realities around the world.

Almost two thirds of the inaugural Watipa scholars are young women (61%). They are are hope for the future and already leaders of today, striving to make changes in their communities and succeed in their education. They living in Malawi, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, DRC and Ghana. Some of them are already mothers, and others have ambitions to raise happy and healthy families in the future. Our commitment at Watipa is to continue to champion and support women’s education, provide scholarships and enable entrepreneurship for young women well into the future.

The official UN theme for International Women’s Day in 2017 is #Be Bold For Change. So, keep that in mind next Wednesday and in fact every day…

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