Newsletter 17| March – April 2018

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Hands up for social enterprise!

A busy year so far for Watipa, and you will see that we have shifted from monthly to bi-monthly newsletters. This is so that we keep you up to date with our latest work – but not so much so that you get tired of hearing our news!

The photo at the top of the newsletter is from one of the Watipa scholars, Aisha Nalukenge, who participated in a training program for new entrepreneurs in Uganda. You can read more about her experience in the Balloon Ventures program through her blog. Part of the program encouraged social engagement and the photo is from the group planting trees along the road in Jinja to reduce erosion and re-forest the area.

Work with us! Some exciting news this month is that the Watipa team is growing. If you are UK based (or know good people who are UK based)…. we are seeking an Executive Officer with good administration and visionary communication skills, who shows excellent judgment, is fun to work with and has a super personality. Read more in the job description on our website. Applications close Monday 7th May.

Lastly, we will be sending an email next week to check if you would still like to be on our mailing list. This is part of our compliance with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect from 25th May 2018. Please keep an eye out for this email, and choose to “opt-in” to stay on the mailing list and hear the latest news from Watipa every other month.

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