Big dreams to change the world – happy International Youth Day!

AIDS2018 - Watipa 2Young people are the leaders of today – and of tomorrow. We know that at Watipa, and here is another example in the context of the global response to HIV.

On this International Youth Day, we are calling for meaningful, frequent, and wide engagement of adolescent girls and young women in the strategic development, planning, and delivery of programmes and services aimed at serving them… in lots of areas, including the response to HIV. Continue reading “Big dreams to change the world – happy International Youth Day!”

Unexpected connections: big business

11-ffe Never in a million years did I imagine I would spend a day at a conference. Yet, here I am, in sunny Bristol, taking part in the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs.

There are almost 200 people intently talking, listening, networking here at the Science Museum, and almost all of us are women. The type of businesses represented in the group vary immensely; Continue reading “Unexpected connections: big business”