Here’s to another year of hope!

It was such a great HOPE in my life to know that, things will work and I had full confidence and strength to make my dreams come true, I have experienced this power of hope, once a WATIPA alumni and proudly WATIPA ambassador in my country.

Aldo Castory Sanga, Watipa Alumni (2019), Tanzania

I can’t believe it’s been five years already. Here’s to many more years WATIPA Community! 2021 is just another year which gives us another great reason to celebrate the power of HOPE in our life.

Look what HOPE can do just in a period of few years. I congratulate WATIPA:

  • Management of successful scholarships
  • Launch of MWATIPASA (sister’s organization of WATIPA) in Malawi
  • Mentorship for scholars and graduates
  • Support for scholars and graduates who intends to ‘pay it forward’ in their respective communities. This ensure that we (scholars and graduates) remain inspiring agents of change.

While celebrating the 5th year of WATIPA, I would like to share the following tips/lessons [Inspired by WATIPA] with my fellow youth who have various ambitions towards making world a better place for living. Let’s honor the power of HOPE.

First, never give up on yourself.

Dear youth, it doesn’t matter what happens to you, don’t crawl up and hide. Just HOPE that, tomorrow must be greater than today.Let’s face the storm, willing to seek for guidance from the people; life is all about people (‘maisha ni watu’-Swahili). There are people out there who believes in you and are ready to help in one way or another. Stay focused, full of hope that there’s better tomorrow if not tomorrow, things will work someday. There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or HOPE. Just HOPE and be confident!

Second, life is all about people (‘maisha ni watu’-Swahili).

Everything in this world exists in relationship to everything else. Dear youth, you need others as they need you. Establishing trust in any relationship is very important. With people comes opportunities, knowledge, experience and connection among other things. WATIPA enriched us with all these and more. We (scholars and graduates) learned the significance of working with people and not against them. 

Third, honor the power of generosity.

WATIPA taught us the significance of ‘pay-it-forward’. WATIPA believed in us, supported us and here we are; scholars, graduates and of course, ambassadors representing the power of HOPE in our respective nations. Well, I’ve learned that, when you help others, they help you in return in unexpected ways. By making a difference in our educational career and lives, WATIPA sowed a seed that will bear fruits for the betterment pf all people in our communities. Whenever possible, help. The world needs you!

Fourth, live a life of purpose.

Dear youth, who do you think you are? Well, you’re a human being crafted in the image of God! What’s your purpose for your existence in this world? When WATIPA launched these scholarships in 2016, one of the key criteria for selection and award was, ‘be someone who is willing to pay back to your community.’ Purpose is passionate and thus we scholars were supposed to listen to that voice speaking to us from within. We, WATIPA scholars and graduates; are proudly committed to our various purposes of impacts in our communities.

Fifth, happy WATIPA 5th anniversary!

I would like to present my warmest congratulations for every progress WATIPA has made so far, to the WATIPA board of Directors, Trustees, scholars and graduates, donors and well-wishers and the whole WATIPA Community.

HOPE is seeing the light through all the darkness! WATIPA is HOPE!

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#MaishaNiWatu #LifeIsAllAboutPeople #maishaniwatu #PayItForward

WATIPA 5TH ANNIVERSARY…Here to Many More Years of Hope!!!

Aldo Castory Sanga

Watipa Alumnae (2019)


Watipa scholarship program expands to celebrate International Human Rights Day


Watipa continues its quest in making education a human right and is pleased to announce on International Human Rights Day its largest ever intake of scholars since 2016.

Thanks to the generosity of public donations and the funds raised from the social enterprise, we are thrilled to announce we have awarded 8 scholarships  to 7 young women and one young man, all under the age of 25, and including one secondary school student. Our 2018 scholars are based in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia.

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