Watipa strategy: A meeting like no other!


Being creative. Opening our minds. Thinking clearly. What better than to have a Watipa strategic planning meeting on a boat on a Friday afternoon?

Last week we tried it, and held a “meeting like no other” on a narrow boat on the Regent’s Canal in central London. It was a little bubble of tranquility, as we floated there with trees and water surrounding us, just slightly beneath the bustle of the big city nearby.

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From acorns to oak trees

14-acorns-treescapeLong walks in parks, forests and woodlands are a perfect backdrop for thinking… This time of year is stunning in the Northern hemisphere. The leaves have changed colour and light up the scene with tinges of yellow, gold, orange, red. It literally feels like you are walking through a painting. The ground is dusted with fallen leaves, a carpet of colours that mirror patterns of leaves, holding tight, on branches of trees above.  Continue reading “From acorns to oak trees”