Technical advice

Thematic expertise and organisational development 

We provide tailored expert advice in response to specific contracts and requests to fill technical gaps identified by partners. We draw from the expertise of Watipa members in areas such as health, human rights, education, gender, youth services, environmental sustainability, governance and participatory community engagement.

Our members combine the latest research with decades of experience in programme and policy contexts in the areas of:

  • Equal societies – including the transforming the structural inequalities that limit opportunities and marginalise some communities; promoting education for all – in educational settings that are inspiring and safe learning environments regardless of gender, age or religion; confronting stigma; and challenging discrimination.
  • Just development – including strengthening community participation in decision making processes; building the capacity of and holding decision makers to account; empowering communities to know and seek fulfilment of their human rights; and promoting legal literacy,
  • Better health for all – including enabling access to HIV and sexual and reproductive health services; removing barriers for criminalized and marginalized communities in accessing quality health care; protecting the human right to health; and strengthening the evidence base for health surveillance and stronger health systems.

We also excel in creative communications and media engagement. Communication for social change is an area where we ensure that our approaches match the best practice advice we offer. Throughout all our work, Watipa CIC will use plain language and creative outputs to ensure that we are evidence based and clearly communication in terminology that people can understand. Watipa CIC will also offer advice about multi-media and tailored communications strategies to engage and reach a wider range of audiences. We have experience in designing and developing communications approaches that are led by communities at the heart of the issues and reflect their priorities. We also have experience of responding and managing media under pressure and designing media engagement strategies that reach community and corporate print, radio, Television and online media.

We are committed to aid effectiveness and strategic use of scarce resources, and offer strategic advice to corporations, foundations, philanthropists and charitable organisations about innovations and social change.

As Watipa CIC expands, other technical focus areas may include the interaction of these three areas with climate change and environmental sustainability, and other pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals.

See services for details about what we offer and projects for information about our clients and current portfolio of work.