Participatory training and capacity development

We facilitate transformative and bespoke training and learning for policy makers, health care workers, teachers, development professionals and other stakeholders.

Watipa CIC draws on the expertise of the members in designing and delivering tailored, engaging, interactive and context specific transformative approaches to training and learning. We offer services in relation to training and facilitation, including original drafting as well as adaptation, on a range of issues:

  • Curriculum development
  • Adult education
  • Community-based capacity development
  • Research methodologies
  • Political Economy Analysis

We have experience across different areas such as legal literacy for women and girls, designing and facilitating skills building workshops relating to stigma, structuring learning spaces for governance programmes, and professional reflection for healthcare providers about attitudes and behaviours that may enhance and hinder access to health services.

See services for details about how we work and projects for information about our current clients.