Happy International Women’s Day!

To the women of Watipa – and the partners, parents, friends and communities that support us – we salute you!

Proudly founded by a diverse group of women in 2016, Watipa sustains a commitment to enabling leadership from young women in diverse settings around the world. Every year, the majority of the scholars are support are women. Watipa is an inclusive organisation, and we value and respect the diversity of women and women’s leadership.

On this day, when perhaps the world seems a little unhinged, take a moment to

  • think about the women who inspire you;
  • show gratitude to the women who matter the most to you; and
  • offer guidance to a woman in your circle who needs help right now.

We can all make a difference.

Today we honour those who do – in big and small ways – everyday in pursuit of gender equity and in demonstrating the power of women’s leadership.

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