Watipa grows into a young leader

The real Watipa – our inspiration – is growing into a young leader, and this year has received a scholarship to attend a Girls’ Secondary School in the Northern Region of Malawi.

Meet Watipa Kumwenda, Watipa Scholar 2022

My name is Watipa Kumwenda. I am following the footsteps of those that have benefited from Watipa scholarships before me. Many have been talking about Watipa at seven (7) years. Yes, that Watipa is me. I am very proud to be one of the many to benefit from Watipa Scholarship. I am really grateful for the opportunity. 

The real Watipa is really growing to another level.  I am in the Secondary School today. This is my first year, first term in the secondary school here at my Secondary School.  I do not want to end at Secondary School level. I am focused to go beyond the skies. I look forward to becoming a champion in my community and help many to take education seriously in their life. 

It was long time back in 2016, and this is now 2022 and I am in form one. It is now my time to thank Watipa for taking me up. I do not take this for granted. My parents do not have the capacity to pay for my secondary education. I cannot talk of tertiary education now, but I will do in just four years to come. Time flies.  I am really humbled. I promise to do my best and work very hard in class so that I become a star and become a role model to many in my community.

Yes, I am the very same Watipa, the little seven years old girl then, on the Watipa website! My hope continues to grow. I am really focused with hope. The sky is no limit for me. I shall strive to go beyond the sky!

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  1. Congratulations Watipa! I remember my visit to you and your family very well, and I am delighted that you have achieved this great success. I look forward to reading more about your progress, and yes!! reaching beyond the sky. Enjoy your school experience – and fly. With great respect to you all .. Lucy’s Mother Jane.

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