Happy Zero Discrimination Day!

There are not that many international days that I am particularly proud to be associated with… but it just so happens that two are within a week of each other: today, Zero Discrimination Day, and 8th March, International Women’s Day. Both are in my DNA.

I stand for Zero Discrimination.

Especially amid a world of bleak news (both fake and real), it feels strong and stabilising to remember the core principles that are so central to who we are. Having grown up (still growing up?!) supported and surrounded by open mindedness and principles of social justice, and continuing to work to reduce the harmful effects of stigma and discrimination specifically in relation to HIV, 1 March is a nexus of the personal and professional. In 2021, it is grounding to pause and mark such a day.

Principles of inclusion and celebrating diversity are equally at the heart of Watipa – our ways of working, and the scholars and projects supported through our programmes. We were founded by a group of international women, and continue to provide educational support to young leaders – the majority of whom are women.

I hope everyone can take a moment today to connect to the principle and pursuit of zero discrimination. It is so important and still so out of grasp for so many. We can do more to enable this to change. Here’s to hope for a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come.

~ Lucy Stackpool-Moore

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