Happy International Women’s Day: Meet an inspiring medical student from Malawi, Tiyamike Peace Malungo

Today we celebrate the inspiriting and strong women around the world, and those that support us…

Meet Tiyamike Malungo from Malawi, a Watipa scholar, who was honoured in the Dean’s List last year (2019) for her hard work and excellent scholarship in medicine.┬áCongratulations Tiyamike!

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Tiyamike Peace Malungo, Watipa Scholar and medical student, Malawi

I am Tiyamike Peace Malungo currently in my final year of Medical school and a proud Watipa scholar since 2017.

My vision is to see my community being able to freely access quality health services. That is my greatest motivation and the reason I chose medicine and why I do it passionately.

I recently have been recognized by the Dean of Medicine as one of the best performers in my class in the last academic year (2018-2019). This is one of the new developments put in place by the Dean of Students as a way of encouraging students to do more in their academics.

To appear on the Dean’s list, one has to get distinction in at least one of the major clinical rotations and pass the rest of the rotations. I got distinctions in two of the 4 major rotations and I can assure you that it takes determination, being focused and hard work.

Nonetheless I cannot talk about my academic success without talking about Watipa. Since I joined as a Watipa scholar, I can testify that my academic performance has greatly improved. Before Watipa, I had a lot of things to worry about ranging from tuition fees to food and accommodation on top of the academic demands itself and it was not easy to work with maximum effectiveness. But thanks to Watipa for changing lives of students including that of myself.

I believe this achievement is not final but a stepping stone to so much more that is to come. I believe that the greatest achievement is not until you impact someone’s life positively. I want to use everything I have learnt or keep learning to impact someone’s life, especially that of my community. That will be my greatest achievement .

Once again, thanks to Watipa for supporting my vision and goals hence supporting my community.

~ Tiyamike Peace Malungo, Watipa Scholar, Malawi

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