Hope for the future: Mariam Nassaka – graduate in Social Work and Social Administration, Uganda

Here is the latest in a series of reflections from recent Watipa graduates – meet Mariam Nassaka, who graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration in Uganda.

IMG-20191128-WA0045As a recipient of the watipa 2016 Education scholarship, I want to thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I was very excited to learn that l have been selected as the winner of the scholarship. I am appreciative of your support of my education.

I am currently a bachelor’s degree holder in social work and social Administration at Uganda Christian University. I work with the community and   I spend most of my time figuring out how best I can create a well enabling environment for the young people to achieve their dreams. I chose to focus on this because I am completely a change maker, passionate and an ambitious advocate for people’s rights and this has become a reality through the watipa scholarship.

Choosing Education is so important and investing in Education is good economics because it expands the vision just as a face is the mirror of the heart, level of Education develops the status of the nation, and Education develops the capabilities to fight injustices, violence and illiteracy. Education is the very powerful weapon, it never changes, Education allows us to connect the dots of the various pieces of information we gather and interpret it.

This scholarship has been a tool which has provided me with skills, techniques, information and enabled me to know my rights and duties towards my society and nation. I am currently an outstanding advocate for sexual and reproductive health rights and HIV for the hard to reach populations and to make this a success, I participate in community dialogues, think tank conferences, and research and community massive sensitizations.

Mariam judging a beauty pageant for a local charity initiative to support young people living with HIV

I not only advocate for health rights of young people but also influence young people and leaders to track progress towards Agenda 2030 and Much effort is put on the first six health Sustainable development goals. Being passionate about the experiences of my fellow young people, am doing my advocacy through using photo voice @Naskmariz I have done a number of Advocacy photos from my community which target influential leaders hence change in policy making.

A great novel is only useful if it can be interpreted in to our own realities or that of others, with this power I have in my hands am ready to educate more and more, share new ideas and change our surrounding. Watipa, you made me touch a dream I have been watching in my sleep.

~ Mariam Nassaka, Watipa graduate, Uganda


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