Meet a graduating scholar: Aisha Bukenya, Uganda


“I have the spirit of a go getter! I still want to be that outstanding female pharmacist that will be part of the change my continent needs to see.”

Meet Aisha Bukenya, a 2016 Watipa scholar, graduating Bachelor of Pharmacy from Kampala International University, Uganda. Congratulations Aisha – we are proud of you and your achievements!

Receiving the news that I was successful in my application to become a Watipa scholar was the most beautiful news I ever received. It was such pleasure knowing that I can sit down and concentrate on maximising my scores without having to worry about the tuition. I was able to do so much; words cannot explain my gratitude.

This year I have managed to juggle so many things with my classwork and still come out top. I completed my Hult prize innovation (an international competition to generate startup ideas from young people to sustainably solve the world’s most critical social challenges). I took part in the preparations of and attended the International AIDS conference in Netherlands as part of the Amsterdam youth force and I still managed to make a GPA of 4.15. I hope for an even higher grade in my finals.

Aisha Bukenya, Graduate Bachelor of Pharmacy, Watipa Scholar 2016

Thankfully the challenges I have faced this year have been minimal thanks to the Watipa family. It’s just been the usual extra mile to make them all proud, I have the spirit of a go getter! The final year has been amazing.

Because of this scholarship, I am going to be able to provide holistic healthcare which has always been my dream. Even though I might not be able to help every single member of the community, I am determined to be part of the people that will change the dynamic of healthcare delivery in my country and Africa at large! Also, I am a way better advocate with my scientific knowledge, which means greater impact for us all, especially young people.

I still want to be that outstanding female pharmacist that will be part of the change my continent needs to see. I intend to work in a hospital when I graduate. I am also hoping to study further and I’m currently exploring my postgraduate options.

I am an advocate for gender equality and sexual and reproductive health issues. This year, I was part of the Amsterdam youth force in preparation for the International AIDS conference and I was a speaker at the youth pre-conference where I delivered a workshop entitled “Phenomenal Woman”. While there, I met so many important people and I hope to take my advocacy journey to the climax. I also completed my round as the Hult prize campus director for my university and it was a great success.

It is extremely rare to find funding with no strings attached. The fact that I get to interact with other young people doing amazing work around the globe has been my favourite aspect of being a Watipa scholar. It gives me so much hope for the future! I can see my acquaintances already! I hope Watipa manages to keep the fundraising coming in to keep up the great and very impactful work. None of us can ever really find words to describe the difference made in our lives by Watipa. All we can say is a huge thank you!

Aisha Bukenya, Watipa scholar and young woman, Uganda

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