Meet a scholar: Aisha Bukenya, Uganda

fullsizeoutput_3866.jpeg“I hope that one day I’ll be able to give back to my community through provision of world class healthcare.”

Meet Aisha Bukenya, a 2016 Watipa scholar, studying a Bachelor’s of Pharmacy at Kampala International University Western Campus. She has recently completed her exams for the year and is attending ward rounds as part of her program. 

I am Aisha Bukenya, and I am pursuing a bachelors degree in pharmacy in my final semester of study. I chose this path of study because the health system in my country and in Africa as a whole has always broken my heart. I feel that there is a lot more that we can do.

Even with the limited funds, there are things that do not need funding to be put right for example youth friendly services, good health worker to patient relationships, confidentiality as well as total patient management in terms of full and appropriate counselling, provision of correct and adequate information and proper follow up. So many people today either get irreversible complications or lose their lives to the simple things we ignore such as drug interactions, inadequate dosing or even failure to monitor certain drug regimens which can all be avoided if the right steps are followed. These  can make all the difference in the healthcare system, even though they all seem like very little and obvious aspects. If there is going to be a positive change, I want to be a part of that.

I want to see a difference in how healthcare is delivered in my country, and all across Africa. A healthy community is the backbone of any prosperous society. When the people are healthy, well and happy, they are able to do productive work that will definitely boost the economy and foster the development of the nation.

I want to wake up one day and see that there’s trust in the system, that people are not afraid to seek medical attention, that the people know that seeing a healthcare provider is better than sitting at home and battling out the healthcare issue.

I hope that after this degree I can pursue a masters degree or a doctorate in pharmacy to broaden my knowledge and understanding of drugs. I hope that one day I’ll be able to give back to my community through provision of world class healthcare. I dream to see a day where people receive the ultimate definition of healthcare in Africa.

Aisha Bukenya, Watipa scholar and young woman aged 22, Uganda


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