Meet a team member: Dr Sam Mudie

fullsizeoutput_3862Dr Sam Mudie joined the Watipa team on 1 June 2018. Welcome Sam!

“Working with such a collection of strong, hardworking and brilliant women is a privilege. I was intrigued by the diversity and range of backgrounds of these ladies, all working towards a shared ideology of a better planet, and the right to education for all… I am thrilled to be working with Watipa. The unique model of social enterprise, consulting and provision of education to those less fortunate, is fascinating. I can’t wait to put the skills and knowledge I have built up to great use with Watipa.”

Sam has recently joined the team as the Outreach Officer, where her chief responsibilities are managing the website content, blogs, newsletters and social media pages. Sam has worked with a number of civil society, NGOs and charitable organisations in the past, particularly on issues surrounding energy, climate change, education and young people. Sam will also be helping Watipa to expand our consultancy offering to encompass the energy, waste and environmental aspects of the sustainable development goals.

After finishing a degree in Chemistry in 2009, Sam wanted to focus her life on the great challenges of humanity, and none seemed more prudent to her growing up than the ever-present threat of climate change. She then completed a part time MSc in Sustainable Development, where her dissertation focused on reducing carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing nations such as Indonesia and Cambodia. She then spent 6 months working on a “play pump” municipal well project in rural Tanzania. In 2017, she completed her award-winning Engineering Doctorate, where she created several successful energy and carbon reduction schemes relating to food preparation and supply chains.

Having a troubled family life, and consequently living independently from a young age, Sam recognised the value of educational support in life. As she says: “If it weren’t for educational maintenance financial assistance, and strong, caring mentors at my school and college, I do not know where I would be today… certainly not the proud owner of three university degrees!! My education has changed my life and I feel privileged to help others to access their full potential in this new position with Watipa.”

For the past two years Sam has run her own consultancy business providing and energy and carbon reduction solutions to food production and hospitality both in the UK and abroad.

Great to have Sam as part of the Watipa team!

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