Nothing is impossible! Meet Aisha Nalukenge, Watipa scholar, Uganda

“Nothing is impossible is what I whisper to myself each day.”

Meet Aisha Nalukenge, a 2017 Watipa scholar, studying for Bachelors of Public Administration and Management (BPAM) in Mbale, Uganda. Aisha recently had the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneur training with Balloon Ventures.

My passion and desire to test several ideas each day amazes me. I feel like I have become more of an effectual thinker, and I now look at the world of business in a different positive way. 

Balloon has taught me business mathematical skills. I have learnt how vital this pillar is in a business knowing the gross profit margins that are so important for monitoring business growth and expansion.

An event to plant trees along the Nalufenya road in Jinja, organised by Aisha and partners in the committee.

Balloon ventures has been so instrumental in my personal development as a volunteer. I am so inspired by the slogan: “Challenge yourself to change the world.” This is a great idea! Changing the world has always been my passion. I strongly believe change starts with me.


A lot has changed, and I have a new, positive and different perspective in many ways. I do not take for granted the business training I have obtained – it has opened both the interior and exterior forces in me.

The “best” event organised by Aisha and the social committee – a boat cruise and history about the Nile River.

Balloon has connected me to a million people. I have enjoyed my host home experience in Jinja. It has given me a sense of belonging, I have built long lasting relationships with my fellow volunteers, host home people and all the entrepreneurs also going through the programme.


Initially I was very timid. I couldn’t stand to be with more than two people. I am now much more confident and can address people looking straight in their eyes. With confidence at hand, I believe I can do a lot in life.

I have really found this to be a great opportunity. To achieve all of my dreams, the sky is the limit! You have to agree with me on this. I am challenging myself to create a business that will change lives.

~ Nalukenge Aisha, Watipa scholar 2017, Mbale Uganda.

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