Meet a scholar: Leonard Chakanga, Malawi

LEONARD F CHAKANGA..I am Leonard F Chakanga a boy aged 23 Malawian by nationality. I t is much pleasure that I was considered one of the beneficiaries of Watipa Scholarship.

Honestly, before the scholarship [was announced], I have had problems concentrating on my studies as the fear of being chased out of school due to financial reasons always lingered in my mind. I had the fear of withdrawing as the school always insisted on fees paying.  No fees, No registration.

The Watipa scholarship comes in time to a needy deserving student. All thanks to Watipa, with the scholarship offered all my fears of being withdrawn due to financial reasons are gone hence I promise to work extra hard and perform to the best of my ability.

As an aspiring Chemical engineer, I plan to open an industry in my community area. The productionof milk and soya pieces by the industry will provide a platform for many unemployed youths to get jobs. It is also my greatest desire to have an organisation in future which will help students from poor background to meet their  academic needs.

Lastly I would like to  sincerely thank Watipa team for considering me worthy for the scholarship. I promise to work hard and assure you that the scholarship has been offered to the deserving  student. I will make a full use of it to realise my dreams, help my community and the nation.

Leonard F Chakanga

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