Meet a scholar: Naomi Nyasulu, Malawi

“In 2018, I plan to go further with the knowledge gained in my studies to identify problems that fish farmers face here and the possible solutions.”

Two years into her BSC in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science, Naomi is proud both of her academic success – passing all modules – and the community work she done with the Malawi Department of Fisheries to help farmers construct ponds, learn about and “be successful in fish farming”.

This experience is helping Naomi progress toward her goal of achieving community development through the commercialisation of fish farming. Once she finishes her studies, Naomi will be the first girl to graduate from her family and her local area and she knows this will make her a positive role model to many.

In addition to achieving community goals directly through her studies, Naomi hopes the financial stability her career could provide will enable her to help others attend tertiary education, offering other young people “the same opportunity I have been offered by Watipa”. Naomi’s scholarship pays for her tuition fees which, she says, “put me at ease to do well and concentrate in my studies”.

Though it is still a challenge to afford things like accommodation and the other expenditure associated with study, Watipa’s support though has given Naomi “hope” to “grow big in life”. She is taking this ambition forward, beyond just her university studies, by joining leadership organisations to allow her to learn skills in entrepreneurship and innovation that will compliment her degree and “uncover many opportunities”. When she becomes a qualified scientist in two years’ time, Naomi will certainly have the skills she needs to achieve the development and change she wants to see for her community and Watipa is proud to be able to support Naomi to reach her goals.

Isaac Barry

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