Meet a scholar: Emmanuel Boateng Duah, Ghana

“Watipa is doing a really great job in giving young Africans the hope and aspiration to be what they want to be.”

Emmanuel is studying for a diploma and he wants to use his skills to “help communities to solve their problems.” You can watch a short film Emmanuel made for the Watipa film competition earlier this year on YouTube.

The first year of his Diploma in Integrated Community Development has been a steep learning curve for Ghanaian Watipa scholar Emmanuel, opening his “eyes to so many things” he had “never thought of before”. One example has been a better understanding of the specific and important role women can play in development, learning he developed during a two month research trip.

Emmanuel was based in an isolated rural community where he engaged with local people to learn about their lifestyle and record the challenges they face. He has subsequently acted as the “voice to put out their concerns” through the advocacy work he has conducted on the community’s behalf with government and NGOs.

For Emmanuel, his Watipa scholarship has meant that “tuition fees are not a burden anymore” leaving him free to focus on the study he is passionate about, and excels at. Beyond the financial help though, Emmanuel’s favourite aspect of being part of Watipa is the community of “friends all over Africa” he has linked with who are “intelligent and resourceful” and have helped him build his knowledge.

Being part of the Watipa community has broadened Emmanuel’s original objective – gaining a diploma so he could help local communities – into more international aspirations. He feels a strong connection to Watipa’s values and ethos of giving back to communities and is “very happy to be a member of the decision making committee” through which he can influence Watipa’s global development into the future!

Issac Barry


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