Meet a scholar: Aldo Kastory Sanga, Tanzania

Watipa – the hope for ambitious youth in Africa.


“I was once a child, who lived with my parents happy and healthier living, but it comes to time when I observed the world in hatred eye, I asked myself, ‘what was the purpose of life’, but it was not over, I thought that I was burdened person and the only person in the world with difficulties and thus the world must look me with sympathy! But I was wrong. As I came to realize that there were much more burdened people, people carrying heavy loads, children who lost their parents, children isolated, children lacking clothes, food, love and care and so forth, this and so much more figured me to think about them”.

Everyone in this world is ambitious towards something, though the ambitioned person may encounter draw back that prevent moving forward of that person, the strength lies on the heart of that person either to believe that he can make it or not.

I have learned and believe that nothing is impossible if we only keep faith for everything we do…  Faith is a small seed that brings hope. Hope may give birth to new opportunities and channels towards achieving goals. Hope is like a candle light directing a fisherman in the shallow sea. Hope like a candle to a fisherman can attract large catch of fish and provide a large sum of money to a fisherman after selling those fish.

Ambitious youth are like fishermen with nothing at hand. Just carrying hope articulated by faith within their hearts. If they go on in the right direction, it is possible for what they are hoping for to come true. Hope, in their hands, acts like candle light and will direct whatever the wish.

Watipa is a family of hope to ambitious youth, as a theme of my post reflects the role of Watipa in redirecting these ambitious youth and hence making their dreams come true. Watipa, as a family of hope, reflects the lives of youth wherever they are and keep them in touch to updated and changing community. Watipa, as a family of hope, extends its wings towards community and under its wings is where youth throughout Africa found hope under it.

To me, Watipa is like an evergreen tree with huge branches that extends its leaves and provides shade all days. This tree is alongside the flowing channel of a river (a great river like the Nile or other world famous rivers). This river provides water to variety of species and beings… Watipa is a huge tree. People sit under it varying in colour, ethnicity, religion, region and language rest under the tree. Watipa, as an evergreen tree, provides sweet fruit in all days and all seasons of the year. Watipa is a huge evergreen tree that is a better place for all people, who dream, as they rest under this tree.

It is my hope that, anyone who gets the chance to sit under the deep shadow of this tree, Watipa, will sit there peaceful, meditate and articulate new ideas that will boost hopes towards positive mission.

Thanks a lot Watipa. It is my desire to achieve my mission for supporting and finding support for orphans and vulnerable children hence ensure that they too get an access to education. I was once under this “huge evergreen tree.” I enjoyed the shade, fruits and drank the water flowing by, but this is not the end…

Watipa – family of hope! Watipa – hope for ambitious youth! Watipa – for community!

Aldo Kastory Sanga, Tanzania

Inaugural Watipa scholar, 2016

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