Watipa strategy: A meeting like no other!


Being creative. Opening our minds. Thinking clearly. What better than to have a Watipa strategic planning meeting on a boat on a Friday afternoon?

Last week we tried it, and held a “meeting like no other” on a narrow boat on the Regent’s Canal in central London. It was a little bubble of tranquility, as we floated there with trees and water surrounding us, just slightly beneath the bustle of the big city nearby.

image1The meeting brought together some of the Samajikas (founding members) of Watipa and some of the associates involved in different projects. We are used to working together across timezones and in different corners of the world. It was the first and a treasured moment for those of us who could be there – to share a physical space together in person. Place was important for that meeting, and that place was a boat on a canal in central London.

Everyone brought an object to represent Watipa, and what Watipa means to them and their vision for Watipa in the future. Some of the objects that Watipa inspired included:

  • A candle, representing a light burning hope through gloom and darkness in the world.
  • A miniture statue of the Eiffel Tour, representing a visionary and hardy mental structure that has outlived its original purpose and continues to represent beauty on the Paris horizon.
  • A set of keys, representing independence and a stable foundation for the future.
  • A globe, representing the diverse corners of the world, contexts ¬†and personalities that are united within Watipa.
  • A tall Zimbabwean wooden statue of a woman, representing the strength of women and enduring presence of the past as we carry mementos forward into the future.

The meeting was indeed like no other. We loved the time together, and hope to make it a regular opportunity (well as regular as possible for people who come from and live on different continents). There is a lot to be said for meeting on a boat….

Lucy Stackpool-Moore


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