Happy Africa Day! Young people are our leaders of today and tomorrow…

18620183_2282994858592301_6116508137057125130_nWatipa’s Advisory Group member and friend, Georgina Caswell-Chiluba, had this to say for Africa Day today… celebrating and calling to harness the power of the energy, creativity and passion of young people.

Georgina’s vision has been profiled on This is Africa (TIA), a forum for Africans, by Africans, to reclaim identity, heritage and the continent’s rightful political, economic and cultural position in the globalised world and in the global consciousness. 

According to TIA, the African Union (AU) recognises that at least 70% of the African population is made up of young people. They continue to question therefore why young people have not been fully integrated into decision-making processes more than 54 years since the origins of the AU?

Leaders (many of them over 70 years) across the continent continue to make decisions that have a lasting impact on the future of young Africans.

How can governance and the decision making-process be more youth-inclusive?

Join the conversation and have your say…. online discussion taking place now. The future is our hands. #FUTUREAFRICA54.

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