Hope: in meaning and in words

img_5052Potatoes and tomatoes aside, how do we say hope in each of our local languages?

Umuhwehwe in Tanzania… aasha in Nepal… esuubi in Uganda… chiyembekezo or  chigomezgo in Malawi… elikia in the Democratice Republic of Congo…. anidaso in Ghana… geno in Kenya….

Different words in different languages. Same meaning. Hope.

This all started from a lovely message from one of the 2016 Watipa scholars, Zamathusi, who wrote: “Hope in my language (Zulu) is iThemba and you’ve given me that.”

This is a lesson in solidarity (rather than linguistics!)…. as we all at Watipa share a great hope for the future.

Lucy Stackpool-Moore & the 2016 Watipa Scholars

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