Watipa my hope

A poem by Rose Omollo, a Watipa scholar from Kenya

Call me Watipa meaning giving hope
To where the future seems bleak
A bridge to cross through to the other side of the road
Because of Watipa, we have been nurtured to be ambassadors
To carry this hope with us eveyday of our lives
For we have been saved from the butchers’ knives

With all the dertemination that we have
Our communitities we will save
Our quest and desire for knowledge
Watipa has acknowledged.
Our dream is to see a happy and healthy community
Living in harmony, love and unity

We believe where there is a will there will always be a way
And that hard work, resilience and determination will always pay
We are proud to be Watipa scholars
For Watipa is hope for the hopeless
Bringing light to bleak future!!!

Rose Omollo, January 2017

Rose is a young woman aged 23, studying a Bachelor of Community Health and Development in Kenya, and received a highly commended award as one of the inaugural Watipa scholars.

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