Remembering Claire – the gift of life

15-claire-gpIt is 3 years ago today that we lost the friend, mother, wife, daughter and beautiful soul of Claire Lee (Gaston-Parry). Claire’s generous and kind spirit lives on. 

Thanks to the support of Claire’s family and friends we are proud to announce that next week, 3 young people will receive a Watipa scholarship in her memory.

Claire’s curious intelligence, love of learning, and the way she lived her life to the fullest is shared by the young scholars. We hope this spirit endures, from one generation to another, through family and friends as well as through the kindness of many.

May Claire’s soul rest in peace. My thoughts are forever with her family and other friends; thankful for the gift of her life, and carrying fond memories with us in each footstep through our own journeys of life.

Lucy Stackpool-Moore


One thought on “Remembering Claire – the gift of life

  1. If This land contained people of good heart,
    If everyone could rejoice in the advancement of the other,
    If I could share my love, my goods, my fortunes. Could I not answer the reason for my existence?
    Let the hearts of the wise, the true benefactors who have served as an example and who have left us come back in peace. And that we still live them, we embrace their steps:

    Victor Emmanuel

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